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Learn the basics of Chopsticks yoyo tricks and the Thumb Mount.

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Chopsticks Introduction – Thumb Mount Yoyo Trick
This video is to introduce you to the Chopsticks tricks, which are any trick which can be done on the inside of your fingers, like this. There is really a lot that you can do with these tricks.

In this video I am going to teach you the basic thumb mount, which looks like this.

Now to do the thumb mount, what we are going to do is start by throwing a Trapeze, and we are going to use our thumb to push right into these two strings. A lot of people will have a tendency to try to hop right into it, but what you want to do is use your thumb to push the string and just let the yoyo roll right over your thumb. So again, we throw our Trapeze, we push into the string, and it lands like that.

You will notice as you practice, that sometimes you will land with the string attached to your yoyo hand behind the yoyo and sometimes you will land with it in the yoyo. Both ways are fine because there are tricks that use both techniques. To control that, what you want to do is think about dropping and pulling your yoyo hand towards you, and that will help you land it off the string. If you want to land on the string, just leave it in place.

Landing it off the string, we drop it and pull.

Once you become a master of the drop and pull you can do a dismount that looks a little cooler than just dropping your thumb. We can drop our index finger, roll around the outside, drop the string off, and pull it back.

Again, this is the thumb mount. It looks like this. Here is the dismount.

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