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Horizon Yoyo


Kitty String


YYF Slim Pads Blue – optional

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The Horizon Yoyo Competition pack is designed to closely match how professional yoyo player Paul Kerbel sets up his Horizon Yoyo for competition.

Included in the Horizon Yoyo Competition Pack:

  • Horizon Yoyo: One of the most bold Yoyo designs we have ever seen. Long spinning and top class for finger spins.
  • Center Trac Ultimate Bearing: Paul Kerbel prefers the Center Trac Bearing to the KonKave Bearing.
  • Yotricks Thin Lube: Paul Kerbel personally recommends Yotricks Thin Lube to keep your bearings playing properly.
  • Kitty String: Our favorite string for the Horizon Yoyo. Paul Kerbel prefers to use regular Kitty String.
  • Multitool: Used to remove bearings, cut strings, and tune axles.


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Weight120 g
Dimensions3 x 3 x 3 in

Horizon Yoyo

Horizon Yoyo Color

Any Color Horizon Yoyo – Surprise Me!, Aqua Horizon Yoyo, Black Horizon Yoyo, Silver Horizon Yoyo, Blue Silver Splash Horizon Yoyo (Add $5), Red/Silver and Silver/Red Splash Horizon Yoyo, Alien Galaxy Horizon Yoyo (Add $20), Black Rainbow Horizon Yoyo (Add $25), White Rainbow Horizon Yoyo (Add $25), Black Blue Fade Horizon Yoyo (Add $5), Red Silver Fade Horizon Yoyo (Add $5), Black Silver Fade Blue Splash Horizon Yoyo (Add $10)

Kitty String

Kitty String Type

Regular, Fat

Kitty String Color

Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Black, Red, White