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Gradient Yoyo

Gradient Yoyo Gold One Drop
Clear HighEndString


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Canon Yoyo Players Pack

The Gradient Yoyo is no longer in production. For fast play, we recommend the Canon

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Get the Gradient Yoyo along with an upgraded bearing, strings, and yoyo lube that will help you push this stellar yoyo to its full potential. The included KonKave bearing helps the Gradient play even better with difficult off-axis tricks. The HighEndString in this pack is perfect for any style of play, is long lasting, and superb for slack and whip elements. The included Thin Lube ensures that your bearings will play unresponsive and last as long as possible.

The Gradient Yoyo Pro Pack includes:

  • The Gradient Yoyo – A fast yoyo that is especially great for finger grinds and off-axis play.
  • A KonKave Bearing – Ultra smooth, and helps the Gradient play even more stable and balanced during difficult tricks.
  • 25 HighEndStrings – Our highest recommended strings for superior throws.
  • Thin Yoyo Lube – The perfect lube for high-end yoyos to protect bearings without disrupting play.

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Additional information

Weight 187 g
Dimensions 3 x 4 x 2 in

Gradient Yoyo

Gradient Yoyo Colors

Gold Gradient Yoyo HighEndString

String Quantity

25 yoyo strings

String Weight


String Color

White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange