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Gauntlet Yoyo

Clear HighEndString


Flow Groove Response Pads – optional

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The Gauntlet Yoyo Pro Pack contains hand picked accessories to upgrade the play of the Gauntlet Yoyo. The Gauntlet Yoyo Pro Pack includes the Gauntlet yoyo, our own hand made HighEndStrings, a bottle of Yotricks Thin Lube, and a Center Trac bearing to replace the flat bearing included in the Gauntlet Yoyo.

Included in the Gauntlet Yoyo Pro Pack:

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Additional information

Weight 110 g
Dimensions 3.5 x 2.5 x 3 in

Gauntlet Yoyo

Gauntlet Yoyo Colors

Blue Gauntlet Yoyo HighEndString

String Quantity

5 yoyo strings

String Weight

Regular, Thick

String Color

White, Blue, Yellow