Freehand Duncan Players Pack Yoyo

Freehand Yoyo Pro Players Pack

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Freehand Pro Yoyo

Kitty String Yoyo String

Kitty String

Blue Bloop - Yoyo Holder

YoTricks Bloop - Yoyo Holder

YoYoFactory Response Pads

YYF Response Pads - Slim – optional

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The Freehand Pro Yoyo Players Pack is designed to get starter 5a players up to speed as easily as possible. Included in the pack is the Duncan Freehand Pro Yoyo with it’s included counterweight. 10 Kitty strings and a bottle of Yotricks thin yoyo lube have been included for all of the Freehand Yoyos maintenance needs. A Yotricks Bloop holder has also been included in the pack, which securely holds all yoyos to your belt loop.

The Freehand Pro Yoyo Players Pack includes:

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Additional Information

Weight155 g
Dimensions3 x 4 x 2.5 in

Freehand Pro Yoyo


Any Color – Surprise Me!, New Freehand Yoyo Red Teal, New Freehand Yoyo Yellow Blue

Kitty String

Kitty String Type

Regular, Fat

Kitty String Color

Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Black, Red, White

YoTricks Bloop - Yoyo Holder

Bloop Colors

Blue Bloop, Red Bloop, Green Bloop, Purple Bloop, Black Bloop, Orange Bloop