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Sage Yoyo


Yoyo Finger Wrap


Polyester Yoyo String


YYF Slim Pads Blue – optional

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The Sage Yoyo Starter Pack is for any player new to yoyoing who is ready to get serious about learning tricks. It starts with The Sage Yoyo, a yoyo made by the combined effort of YoTricks.com and YoYoFactory to be the perfect yoyo for new players. In addition to the Sage we have included Thick Yoyo Lube, which keeps your bearing working properly and the yoyo playing consistent and responsive at all times. We have also included extra strings and yoyo finger wrap to protect your finger during extended practice sessions. Together these form the supreme yoyo pack for anyone interested in getting started learning tricks on YoTricks.com.

The Sage Yoyo Starter Pack includes:

  • The Sage Yoyo – Designed for new players ready to start learning all kinds of tricks.
  • Thick Yoyo Lube – The perfect lube to keep your yoyo and bearing playing consistent and responsive for the long haul.
  • 10 Polyester Yoyo Strings – Colorful strings ideally matched for the Sage Yoyo.
  • Yoyo Finger Wrap – Protect your finger as you practice hours on end with your new favorite yoyo.

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Weight121 g
Dimensions3 x 3.25 x 2 in

Sage Yoyo

Sage Yoyo Color

Any Color Sage Yoyo – Surprise Me!, Blue Sage Yoyo, Red Sage Yoyo, Black Sage Yoyo, Ann Connolly Sage Yoyo, Winter Sage Yoyo, Green Sage Yoyo

Yoyo Finger Wrap

Yoyo Finger Wrap Color

Any Color Yoyo Finger Wrap – Surprise Me!, Blue Yoyo Finger Wrap, Red Yoyo Finger Wrap, Green Yoyo Finger Wrap