Forge Pro Yoyo Pack

Forge Yoyo Pro Pack

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Royal Splash Sengoku Forge Yoyo

Forge Yoyo

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The Forge Yoyo Pro Pack offers all of our best accessories with the Forge Yoyo. The Forge Yoyo Pro Pack includes a ceramic 10 ball Center Trac Ultimate Bearing, and a bottle of thin yoyo lube to maintain it. It also includes a bundle of HighEndString, Jake Elliott’s string of choice. A YYF Multitool has also been included, used to remove remove bearings and axles and cut string.

The Forge Yoyo Pro Pack includes:

$139.95 worth of product for only $129.99!

Additional Information

Forge Yoyo

Forge Yoyo Colors

Blue Forge Yoyo HighEndString

String Quantity

5 yoyo strings

String Weight

Regular, Thick

String Color

White, Green, Yellow