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Yoyo Weight and Specifications

  • Response Type
  • Weight
  • Diameter
  • Width
  • Gap Width
  • Material
    7068 aluminum alloy

YoYoTricks.com RBC Yoyo Review

You don’t usually think of a high-end metal yoyo when you think of a responsive yoyo. It just isn’t something that is typically done. But, as they often do, MK1 (this time in collaboration with Spinworthy Yoyos) is keeping things weird with the RBC yoyo. It features a hollow body design and a highly unusual, dare we say experimental, shape.

If you’re thinking of passing on this throw, take a moment to reconsider. Although unconventional, the RBC provides a unique play experience and way to add variety to your everyday (because that’s how often you’ll use it) throwing routine. If that’s not enough, consider that this is the first yoyo I (Brian) have added to my personal collection in over a year.

I love it that much, so go ahead and get one.

Manufacturer's Description of The RBC Yoyo

The idea was to take one Spinworthy’s wooden models called the Bloodcell and turn it into a metal responsive yoyo.

Rather than using an A sized bearing, we decided to use a smaller MR85 bearing that is only 8mm in diameter, the same as the wooden axle in the original wooden Bloodcell. This bearing combined with the same gap width as the original is intended to replicate the ideal play characteristics of fixed axle yoyos with the smoothness and power of metal. The result is a very reliably responsive yoyo, even with a dry bearing.

It was a challenge to design a lightweight hollow-bodied yoyo, but we managed to dial it in at 48g using 7068 Aluminium (Aussie spelling) with a diameter of around 55mm.

It’s fast, lightweight, powerful and best of all, very reliably responsive. It’s a 0A beast and we hope you’ll love it!

Additional information

Weight 61 g
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 2.5 in
RBC Yoyo Color

Red RBC Yoyo, Navy RBC Yoyo, Orange RBC Yoyo, EOS44 Edition (Watermelon) RBC Yoyo, Laser Fade RBC Yoyo, Scrubs RBC Yoyo, B-GRADE Scrubs RBC Yoyo, Clear RBC Yoyo, Black RBC Yoyo

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