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Red-Origen-Yoyo + nylon gloves
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Response Pads

Yoyo Weight and Specifications

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  • Diameter
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Manufacturer's Description of The Origen Yoyo

The Origen Yoyo is inspired by the yoyo that launched YoYoTricks over 10 years ago, the Luminator, a yoyo that is still featured in many of our beginner videos to this day. We spoke with the legendary designer of MK1 yoyos, Mark Diehr, and asked him to take the shape of the Luminator, and make something new that carries on the spirit of the Luminator, but takes it in a new direction.

This combination of old style with new tech means the Origen Yoyo is destined to become a favorite of old school players looking for a fun responsive yoyo that requires little maintenance, as well as anyone working on their fixed-axle style tricks.

The Origen Yoyo features a tiny ball bearing and extra wide response pads. This allows the Origen to play extra smooth, and consistently responsive, even when thrown at very slow speeds. This, combined with its old school flared shape make the Origen the perfect yoyo for fixed axle style yo-yoing, where you bring the yoyo back before it lands on the string, so you can perform maneuvers with the string half-wound in the axle. Its ability to perform well and respond easily at low RPMs will no doubt make this yoyo a mainstay for fans of fixed-axle tricks.

For anyone who has been a fan of YoYoTricks for a while and is longing for the return of the Luminator, we are confident you will find in the Origen a surprisingly wonderful replacement!

Additional information

Weight 66 g
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 2 in
Origen Yoyo Colors

Red Origen Yoyo, Blue Origen Yoyo, Black Origen Yoyo

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