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LearnKendama.com KROM Crack Kendama Review

The KROM Crack Kendama is a standard kendama design with a unique, durable paint finish that is sure to stand out.

The paint on this kendama is definitely unique. Not only does the tama look cracked, but the paint actually gives the feel that there are cracks on the kendama. Although it might seem like this would cause the paint to be brittle and to chip easily during play, it is actually quite hard and very durable.

The ken is pretty standard for a kendama. The part of the handle just below the sarado, however, is skinnier than the handle of a standard ken. This makes the KROM Crack Kendama a superior choice for mastering Gun Slinger and multiple Revolvers.

The KROM Crack Kendama is a unique kendama that makes a great addition to any collection.

Manufacturer's Description of The KROM Crack Kendama

Insane KROM Crack Kendama with quite a different look and a very durable paint finish. The cracked paint gives the kendama a rather unique expression and you are sure to get a kendama that stands out! The KROM brand is developed and designed by some of the best players in Europe from the KROM crew.

Additional information

Weight110 g
Dimensions7.125 × 3 × 2.5 in
KROM Crack Kendama Colors

Any Color KROM Crack Kendama – Surprise Me!, Red and Yellow KROM Crack Kendama, Yellow and Black KROM Crack Kendama, Blue and Red KROM Crack Kendama, Green and Blue KROM Crack Kendama

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