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Yoyo Weight and Specifications

  • Response Type
  • Weight
    65.2 grams
  • Diameter
    57.05 mm
  • Width
    46.10 mm
  • Gap Width
    4.75 mm
  • Finish
    Frosted Polycarbonate

YoYoTricks.com NEW iCEBERG Review

Now available in two versions. The iCEBERG (newly redesigned), featuring a wider profile for improved performance and play (plus an insane catch zone), and the iCEBERG Classic, for anyone looking for that classic iCEBERG feel!

Designed by iYoyo in Germany, the iCEBERG Yoyo is the successor to the beloved bi-metal Steel Yoyo. The iCEBERG Yoyo is made with CNC machined polycarbonate plastic with stainless steel weight rims. Interestingly, the plastic / steel construction actually makes the iCEBERG a wholesale upgrade over the Steel, while only being about half the cost.

The defining feature of the iCEBERG is its unbelievable amount of spin power.  The two super dense stainless steel weight rings, coupled with the ultra light polycarbonate body, means that there is a tremendous amount of contract between the density of the body and the rims. The stainless steel weight rings are nearly 7 times more dense than the polycarbonate body, where as a conventional bi-metal only has rims 3 times as dense.

Normally, this level of spin power would come at a cost. Most yoyos with this level of rim weight move slowly and play heavy. But with the machined polycarbonate body, the iCEBERG is actually lighter and plays faster than the average yoyo, for a tremendously enjoyable yoyoing experience.

The blasted aluminum finger spin cup in the center of the yoyo is effective at capturing the tip of tip of your finger. Combined with the iCEBERG’s super powerful spin, the iCEBERG can finger spin for much longer than other finger spin yoyos.

The iCEBERG combines the ultra dense with the ultra light for a unique design. The whole YoYoTricks.com team has fallen in love with the iCEBERG Yoyo, and has reshaped our expectations of what a plastic yoyo is capable of. This very well may be the first time that a plastic yoyo actually plays better than a metal yoyo, and we are super excited to see how the iCEBERG shapes yoyo design moving forward.

The iCEBERG is also available with discounted accessories here.

Manufacturer's Description of The NEW iCEBERG

iYoYo Steel had been the yoyo that got us lots of WOWs from the community. Smooth as butter, solid feeling, comfortable shape. We still love Steel, but we wanted to take it’s original concept further.

By using precision machined Polycarbonate as a core material combined with Stainless Steel weight rings, we achieved a light weight (~65g) throw with LOTS of power and superb maneuverability. To finish it up, we added a newly designed fingerspin zone that feels so natural and easy, it’s hard to miss a fingerspin! (even for me ? )

Ships with iRings.


YES, we did it. Meet the new and improved iCEBERG! Essentially, we widened iCEBERGs profile by almost 4mm, which makes catching your riskiest tricks even easier and results in a more dynamic, speedy play. This thing flies through tricks. Yet, we succeeded in keeping iCEBERGs stable feeling.

iCEBERG Classic

iCEBERG without a doubt is the most successful and iconic yoyo of our young brand history. So when we discussed its future, we were sure about thing: this CLASSiC ain‘t going nowhere. Introducing iCEBERG CLASSiC. Exactly the yoyo you love, with a new name and some dope new and classic colors.

Additional information

Weight 86 g
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 3.5 in
iCEBERG Yoyo Color

Clear Blue Rings iCEBERG Yoyo, Black Gold Rings iCEBERG Yoyo, Clear Blue Fade Blue Rings iCEBERG Yoyo, Yellow Blue Fade Black Rings iCEBERG Yoyo, Blue Pink Fade Black Rings iCEBERG Yoyo, Rainbow Fade Rainbow Rings Silver Hub iCEBERG Yoyo, Blue Pink Fade Silver Rings iCEBERG Yoyo, Yellow Blue Fade with Glitter and Black Rings iCEBERG Yoyo, Yellow Blue Fade with Glitter and Silver Rings iCEBERG Yoyo

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