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LearnKendama.com Catchy Metal Kendama Review

The Catchy Metal Kendama, as its name implies, is a high-end metal kendama. It is perfect for the serious kendama player, or for anyone looking for a kendama for those occasions that require a touch of class; a suitable companion for those rare times you need to wear a fancy suit.

Catchy put their engineering prowess to good use on the Catchy Metal Kendama. Most metal kendamas on the market are excessively heavy and the metal cups quickly damage the metal tama during play. With the Catchy Metal, however, this concern has been laid to rest thanks to the cups and spike which have been machined out of delrin plastic, which greatly reduces wear and tear while getting the weight much closer to a standard kendama.

The plastic is very hard and durable, holding up even under rigorous play. The plastic on metal gives a satisfying clack during tricks, quite distinct from the sounds of wood on most kendamas, but equally pleasing. The Catchy Metal Kendama is a little heavy compared to a standard kendama, which takes some getting used to. It quickly becomes apparent, however, that the heavier weight can be used to one’s advantage as it makes it easier to vary the speed of any trick with a flip or rotation.

These kendamas are quite limited; so much so they are packaged not in a box, but in a Catchy winter hat. In a class by itself, the Catchy Metal will find a unique place in any player’s collection.

Additional information

Weight275 g
Dimensions7.375 × 3 × 2 in
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