A new spin on learning

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Put in the effort

Learning requires effort that will be both difficult and rewarding

practice effectively

Practice must be deliberate and focused

don’t fear failure

Mistakes and failures are learning opportunities

Who We Are

Members of our team have performed over 500 yoyo shows around the world mixing amazing yoyo tricks, skits, and comedy. We use yoyos, stories, and audience participation to create an immersive learning experience.

In addition to the YoYoTricks.com site, we also run the most successful yoyo channel on youtube which has over 400 yoyo trick tutorials. Through the yoyo trick tutorial videos our team has produced, we have learned not only how to master difficult content ourselves but also how to communicate that content in an engaging way that yields tangible results in others.

Learning to Yoyo is like Learning Anything Else

The show uses the yoyo as an object lesson to help students develop a growth mindset. When trying something new, mistakes are normal. They don’t tell us what we can’t do – only what we can’t do YET. When we refuse to give up easily, and practice with grit, success is closer than we think.

The show encourages students to have a positive perspective about their own ability to learn.  Making use of various audio/visual elements, the show will engage the audience on many fronts, creating an entertaining learning experience for all.

Show Foundations

Fixed vs. Growth

Intelligence and talent are not completely fixed (i.e. we either have them or we don’t), but abilities are largely shaped by the effort we choose to put in.

Practice Specifically and Deliberately

We have all heard it said, “practice makes perfect” but the Yoyotricks.com team understands this can be misunderstood and oversimplified. It can leave us with no idea how to master what we are attempting and offers us no understanding of our limitations and weaknesses. The YoYoTricks.com team wants to teach students that true practice is not just simple repetition for some magic number of hours. True practice begins with an understanding of what is being attempted, a specific goal in mind and focuses on precise areas. This allows us to understand and correct errors. This process of identifying and correcting mistakes allows us to study more effectively and succeed at what we set out to accomplish.

Fear Not, Fail A Lot

After learning just a few basic yoyo tricks, it’s clear to see that we’re not very good at anything on the first try. Why should we be if we’ve never tried it before? YoYoTricks.com wants to teach students that failure is not something to fear but to embrace by learning from mistakes. If we’re paralyzed by fear of failing, we cannot try and if we cannot try, we cannot reach our full potential.

Lots of Effort

Learning is hard. If we are willing to put real effort into what we do, we can accomplish what we set out to. It will not be easy, but worth it.


School Shows – $500

Schools have the opportunity discount or even make the show free through yoyo sales. Yoyotricks.com will provide affordable, high quality yoyos for the school to sell. Yoyos will sell for $10 each and $1 of every $2 of yoyos sold goes toward the show fee – Sell 100 yoyos and the show is FREE!

NOTE – Schools are not required to pre-purchase the sale yoyo stock and any yoyos not sold during the sale will be returned to Yoyotricks.com.

Additional discounts available when a school helps Yoyotricks.com book one or more additional shows the same week of the original show.

Library Shows and Workshops – $400

Additional discounts available when a library helps Yoyotricks.com book one or more additional shows the same week of the original show.

the team

adam bottiglia

Fearless Leader
Adam began yoyoing in middle school and continued perfecting the art through college. Adam is the owner and founder of YoYotricks.com which is devoted to teaching yoyo skills through its many video tutorials.

steven konet

Rock the Baby Enthusiast
First met Adam in 2000 while at college in Chicago where they were roommates. Steven was given no choice but to learn how to yoyo during long nights of studying.


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