Learn to yo-yo by the numbersMost of the time yo-yoing is great fun, but every now and then you will come across a trick that turns your delight into fury; a trick that is so difficult for you to master that you find yourself yelling viscous threats at an inanimate objects that can neither hear your words nor respond to your wrath; yes, I am speaking of those tricks that reduce you to a seething, nearly inarticulate halfwit shouting intimidation at senseless metal and plastic that can no more feel intimidation than comprehend the pain you are threatening.

Don’t fret when those tricks come your way. Help is here. I suggest you yo-yo by the numbers.

Yo-yoing by the numbers means that you set goals for yourself: numeric goals. Today I will catch the yo-yo on the Trapeze 5 times. Numbers are nice because they give you a sense of accomplishment without demanding that you perfect the trick… and they keep you working on your more difficult skills. Today I will do 100 loops. Do those loops have to be pretty? Do they have to be sequential? No and no. If you can only do one loop at a time then do one loop 100 times. Trust me, your skills will improve.

I frequently use this technique to teach my left-hand yo-yo tricks. 60 outside loops left-handed. They may be the ugliest loops I have ever seen but that’s not the point. I’m not trying to perfect the trick, I’m just trying to reach a number. And who can get mad at a number? Just about the time my body begins to writhe in frustration I hit my goal and all is right with the world again. I put away that trick for the day and work on something  easier.

Give it a shot and let us know how it goes.

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