There you are, standing in a public place quietly practicing your ever skillful art of Yo. You begin by performing a few simple tricks to warm up, gradually moving on to some more difficult tricks. A crowd begins to gather.

Then it happens….

An old man standing in the crowd ventures forward a few steps. He admires your skill and then begs one question, “Can you walk the dog?”

This type of scenario will happen again and again throughout your yoyo career. Just remember one thing: be humble.

Like all great skills and powers, yo-yoing comes with a responsibility. That responsibility is to have a certain humility about you. No matter how vapid or absurd a question, such as “Can you walk the Dog?”, may seem in comparison to your main repertoire of tricks, you should never feel too good to perform a simple walk the dog.

After all, if walking the dog is what pleases your crowd, why deny them pleasure from such an uncommon skill?

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