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Learn how to add a stall to your Swirl.

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Swirl Stall Kendama Trick
In this video I am going to teach you the trick Swirl Stall, and it looks like this:

Just like that. Before you do this trick, you want to make sure that you know the trick Swirl, so if you haven’t, go check out our video on that, learn that trick, master it, and when you are ready for some variation, come back and learn how to do the Swirl Stall.

To start out, you are going to start by doing a Swirl. But, a key difference is that you want to make sure in this trick that you are keeping the ken flat so the small cup is out and the big cup faces you. If you try to start the trick off doing it with the big cup facing out, because of the way the spinning works, when it comes back to your hand, I always find that the big cup is always in a different place, and I never know how it is going to land. But, if I keep the  ken flat so that the big cup is facing me, then the majority of the time I always am able to track where the big cup is, and it seems to land just right.

Another tip before we get started is to make sure that when you do the trick, you throw the string really close to your hand, so it is way down on the finger, right next to your knuckles. If you do it out on the tip of your finger, the trick can still be done, but I find that you do not have as much control. So, from here, what you are going to do is throw the string around, performing a swirl, and right here where you would normally catch the tama to get out of the swirl, you actually do not catch it at all, just let it go and you are going to use your knees and try to pause the momentum. Then pull back and swing the momentum back the other way. You will find that it kind of does it on its own, but one thing you can do to help get used to that feeling is just hold the ken and throw the tama around your finger, and drop down with your knees, and unwrap it and pull back. Just kind of get used to that pause. You can go around your finger a couple of times, pause, undo it. That movement is very similar to what is happening in this, and that is all you are going to do. Pause, pull the momentum back.

Then there is a couple of ways that you can get out of this trick. The first way is just like this. After you do the stall and you swing it back the other way, you are going to catch the ken and you are going to do it in a ken grip so you have to stick your elbow out with your palm facing upward. From here you are just going to unwrap the tama and get out of it. Like I said, you are in a Ken Grip, so you can go right into big cup, you can pop into a base cup, switch to a Lighthouse, you can even throw it around into a spacewalk. There is a lot of different things that you can do from that position.

The second way that you can get out of it is by doing the swirl, stall, and you come back and catch it with your palm up, in a Sara Grip. Again, you are going to unwrap up, and since you are in a Sara grip, you can get into any of your downspike tricks, or even just Moshi Kame, and there is a lot that you can do from there. And so practice that, work on that, it is a great little flourish to add in your routines with Swirl. And that is Swirl Stall.

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