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Learn how to do the Gunslinger Kendama trick. 

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Gunslinger Kendama Trick
In this video we are going to teach you the trick gunslinger it looks like this.

Just like that and this trick is often confused with another trick that is called Revolver which looks like this and we got a video that teaches that. So if you are looking for that trick, go check out our video on revolver. The mistake is very understandable because both of these tricks are done from the same grip, from a Revolver grip, which we teach in our Revolver video but just a small recap what you are going to do is you are going to start off with your index finger under the small cup, your middle finger under the big cup. You want to make sure your tips of your fingers are underneath the cups because if you are way down near your hand, it is going to be impossible to really rotate the ken around. Then what you are going to do is start off with the tama on the spike, and during the whole trick the tama is going to stay on the spike. What you are going to do is rotate the ken around your index finger and then end in a ken grip just like that.

One thing you will notice as you are rotating this, you try the trick out, you will probably find that as you do it the tama just flies off and really that is because of momentum, so there is a few tips that will help you prevent that from happening, one of the tips is that you really have to use your knees a lot more than you would think. You use your knees to, I kind of bend down to start and as I am doing the trick I follow the tama up with my knees and just as you are rotating it, what you would think would happen is when the tama is upside-down you would think that it would just fall off, but actually because of momentum the tama is going upward at this moment and that is why you need to straighten your knees at that time because that is what keeps it connected to the ken. To complete the rest of the trick what you are going to notice is the movement starts off like a big movement and then ends small kind of like a spiral, so it starts big and goes small, so if you combine those two elements you follow the tama up and then create that big to small circle you will find that you can, you know, complete the whole trick. As you get better at it you will find that the tama will wiggle less, it will stay onto it and this trick is really neat, it makes a good transition in and out of a lot of different tricks and that is Gunslinger.

Tricks You Need To Know To Learn This Kendama Trick:

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