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Learn the kendama trick Base Cup Trade Lighthouse.

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Base Cup Trade Lighthouse Kendama Trick
In this video, I’m going to be teaching you the kendama trick known as Base Cup Trade Lighthouse. There are actually two ways to do it that we are going to show you and they look like this.

In order to do this trick you need to know how to do the trick Lighthouse and it also helps if you know the Intro to Trades video that we did. If you don’t know either of those, make sure to go check those out.

The first method we’re going to learn is a little bit easier than the second method so definitely master this one first.

All you’re going to do on this one is a modified Sara Grip, instead of holding at the base of the sarado down here, you’re actually going to keep your hand at the end, towards the base cup. This will make it easier to trade between the ken and the tama.

You’re going to pull the tama up, land it on the base cup, and right here you’re going to use your knees and you’re going to pop up. Right during the pop up you’re going to tilt the ken outwards a little bit, which will cause it to do the 180 degree rotation to land in the Lighthouse. While you do that, you want to quickly transition your hand upwards and grab the tama. The ken will fly up and land in the Lighthouse. When you get it all together: bend your knees, pop it up, and it should look like this.

To end it, you just end it like any traditional Lighthouse, you pop it up and land it in the hole of the tama like that.

Once you feel comfortable doing that you can try the harder version where you hold the ken in the Ken Grip and you’re going to tilt the spike down, catch on the base cup in ken grip, and this one you’re actually going to tilt forward a little bit harder so that the ken will rotate one and a half times, similar to a Lighthouse Flip. If you’re not familiar with that trick definitely make sure you check that video out to.

You’re going to catch it on the tama, you’re going to pop up, flip out, and just like before we’re going to let go of the ken and switch and grab the tama for an easy transition into Lighthouse. It should look like this. Bend your knees and pop it up and land it on the tama. From there you can end it in any way you like to end Lighthouse. ALso, just by popping it up and landing in the hole of the tama.

That is how you do Base Cup Trade Lighthouse.

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