Learn the Cross Capture 1A Yoyo Trick | YoYoTricks.com

Cross Capture is a simple yet very versatile 1A trick concept that can be adapted in many different ways.

The Fizz Yoyo: Unboxing and Review Video | YoYoTricks.com

Unboxing and review video for the Fizz yoyo, the most versatile yoyo for beginners that makes learning to yoyo easier than ever.

How to do the 3A Yoyo Trick Incendio | YoYoTricks.com

Incendio is a flashy way to get into a 1.5 kink mount.In this video I am going to teach you the trick Incendio. It looks like this: Just like that. As you can see, this is just a different way to get into your 1.5 kink mount. It is really great for combining different tricks. I will show you how to get from a simple wrap into Incendio, so that you can combine it into a long combo. But first, let us break down the trick. First thing you are going to do, if we take our dominant hand, we

Ann Connolly's Cannoli Yoyo Trick | YoYoTricks.com

Learn Ann Connolly's trick Cannoli.In this video I am going to show you how to do Cannoli, this is what it looks like: I am going to break this trick down for you, and then I am going to show you how to make it look good. So first, you want to get into a trapeze. You then are going to want to do a Letter A. The difference with this trick is that it is in reverse. YoTricks already has a video on this, so if you do not know how to do it, you can check it out.

Basic Two Handed Long Spin Butterfly Wrap

Learn how to do a fundamental 2A wrap, the Long Spin Butterfly Wrap.This is the Basic Two Handed Long Spin Butterfly Wrap, and it looks like this: Just like that. So a trick that we suggest learning before this one is called the two handed butterfly. It is not completely necessary to know the trick in order to learn this wrap concept, though it does help with the coordination of the trick, so we highly suggest going to our video section on our website and checking out the trick two handed butterfly. To start with this wrap trick we are going

Vertical Punches - Yoyo Sport Ladder 2A #14 | YoyoTricks.com

Learn how to do Vertical Punches for the 2A Yoyo Sport Ladder. Vertical Punches is trick number 14 in the Looping Trick Ladder.

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